Custom Pallet Wrapping Solutions for High-Volume Distribution

Custom pallet wrapping solutions may be required, when standard wrappers cannot meet specific requirements of your facility. We recently assisted one of the largest international logistics companies with the selection of multiple pallet wrapping systems for their newest high-volume distribution facility. PACKPRO Engineering team designed a custom turn-key solution for the seamless integration of the new pallet wrapping equipment into the customer’ packaging operations.

Custom Stretch Wrapping Solutions from PACKPRO

Custom pallet wrapping solutions from PACKPRO deliver increased packaging productivity, improved load containment and reduced film usage.

1. Choosing custom pallet wrapping solutions for optimal productivity

Firstly, our team worked closely with the customer to determine the stretch wrapping technology that would best suit their operational requirements. In addition to technical specifications, we took into account the customer’s business goals. They included exceptional logistics service to multiple high-profile brands, flexibility to scale up and down with seasonal demand and maximized uptime. A particular requirement was to minimize the use of air lines in the facility.

2. Integrating scale and air supply for superior efficiency

Our engineering team developed a custom pallet wrapping solution as a self-sufficient stand-alone system, that required no additional air supply.  Furthermore, the integrated scale solution created one position for wrapping and weighing, delivering significant time savings in packaging process. As a result, the customer realized multiple benefits from the new equipment, including improved productivity, consistent load containment and optimal stretch film usage.

3. Improving performance of existing wrapping equipment

One of the ways to boost the throughput of your existing stretch wrapping operations is by reducing the number of stages in the process. For example, integrating scales into your existing wrappers. PACKPRO’s experienced equipment specialists can help assess your equipment and your packing process and find the best pallet wrapping solutions. We’ve done it for many customers and look forward to helping you with your packaging automation projects.

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