Food Trays

Showcase your fresh meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit, while providing freshness that is protected. You can rely on PACKPRO to source the food trays that will ensure the best presentation of your products, while meeting your sustainable packaging objectives.

We’ve complemented the traditional foam food tray selection with new sustainable, recyclable trays with up to 100% recycled content. From better engineered foam trays to PETE recyclable trays and plant-based alternatives, we work closely with the manufacturers to provide you with the options that meet or exceed your requirements.


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  • Excellent tray performance in manual or automated food packaging operations
  • Food safety compliance you can rely on: trays are manufactured by certified manufacturers with FDA compliance
  • Superb rigidity for premium product showcasing
  • 100% recyclable PETE trays with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • Reliable compatibility of the trays with food films and food packaging equipment is ensured by the PACKPRO food packaging specialists

Featured Products


100% Recyclable PETE Trays

Recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled PETE. Innovative case-ready packaging solution for fresh protein. Ensure extended shelf life. Reduce food waste and packaging waste. Avoid the use of non-renewable resources to support your circular economy objectives. Available pre-padded.


Foam Trays

Extra strong processor and supermarket trays display and accommodate everything from single servings to bulk. Provide the stiffness and consistency required by a packaging line. Designed for easy unstacking, compatible with standard packaging equipment and overwrap film.


Compostable Trays

Compostable fibre pulp trays made from a blend of wood or plant fibres. Certified compostable, recyclable in paper streams, renewable and food-grade. FDA compliant. Have natural authentic look. Excellent thermal carrier.


Tray Packaging Equipment

Tray packaging equipment infuses speed and precision, boosting your packing productivity and adding a variety of benefits for your production line. PACKPRO offers tray overwrappers, tray sealers, shrink wrappers, shrink tunnels, form-fill-seal machines, including machines perfect for MAP and VSP applications.

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