Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap delivers multiple packaging benefits due to its ease of use and the excellent protection it provides the items against dust, moisture and external damage.

Shrink wrap, after heat is applied, holds its shape extremely well, tightly encases the item, provides tamper-evidence and requires minimal space. Light compared to cardboard, shrink wrap reduces the cost of transportation. IPG’s Exlfilmplus® and Exlfilm® shrink films are engineered to make your packaging look its absolute best, provide value, versatility and durability.


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  • Consistent sealing and shrinking for every package with IPG’s Crosslinking Technology
  • Exceptional presentation of your products thanks to superior clarity and gloss of the shrink film
  • Perfect look from production line to store shelf with consistently strong seals
  • Improved packing efficiency and material savings with high-yield films offering superior machinability and clarity

Featured Shrink Wrap Products


Lite Shrink Film

Exlfilmplus® GPL is newest thin-gauge high-yield shrink film. Ideal for light-weight, thin packages and light-force applications in food and non-food products. High slip for easier material handling, collating and insertion.


High-Performance Shrink Film

Exlfilmplus® GPS is multilayered high-performance crosslinked shrink film. Engineered to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels. High shrink force and exceptional seals. Ideal for multi-packing and unitizing product.


Opaque Shrink Films

Exlfilmplus® SHIELD is designed to conceal the contents of wrapped products. Protects confidentiality of sensitive documents and high-value products. Heavy-duty, can replace corrugated containers. Available in semi-opaque white and fully-opaque gray.


Shrink Machines

Whether you are wrapping for retail display, bundling, multi-packing, using supported product or unsupported product, we have you covered with standard and custom shrink wrappers, infeeds, and tunnels.

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