Stretch Wrappers

Increase pallet wrapping throughput, reduce film usage and achieve better containment force to get your products safely to their destination.

With PACKPRO, you have access to the industry-leading state-of-the-art selection of industrial stretch wrapping systems. Whether it is automatic stretch-wrapping machines, semi-automatic stretch wrappers, orbital or specialty stretch wrapping systems, PACKPRO’s highly skilled equipment specialists will ensure you are making the best choice for your application.


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  • Improve productivity, reduce film usage with powered pre-stretch film delivery system up to 400%
  • Steel construction for durability in harsh industrial environments
  • Easy maintenance and service access to minimize production line downtime
  • Improve consistency of loads and worker productivity with reliable, programmable stretch wrapping systems
  • Be confident in your choice of a turntable, rotary arm, orbital system, robotic wrapper or a specialty wrapping machine with full-service support from PACKPRO

Featured Pallet Wrapping Solutions


Robot Stretch Wrappers

Improve productivity 25% or more with Robot S7, new generation revolutionary portable stretch wrapper. Achieve better load containment and film usage reduction with CUBE® technology. See how>


Semi-Automatic Wrappers

Robopac’s semi-automatic stretch wrap machines are the perfect option for operations with moderate throughput or rotating product lines. They offer portability, adaptability, and space-saving benefits.


Automatic Wrapping Systems

Automatic stretch wrappers provide speed, consistency and full automation. If you run a high-volume facility, these machines streamline your packaging process, so you can deliver securely wrapped goods with each order.

High-Performance Stretch Wrap Film

High-Performance Stretch Wrap

High-performance stretch film increases protection of your products, improves packaging efficiency and equipment utilization, prevents damage and minimizes stretch film cost. Ask us how!

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