Shrink Wrap Machines

Whether you are wrapping for retail display, bundling, multi-packing, using supported product or unsupported product, we have you covered with standard and custom shrink wrappers, infeeds, and tunnels that flex across industries and applications.

An industry innovator, Texwrap holds patents on some of the most significant breakthrough shrink-wrapping technologies in the business. Our Texwrap shrink wrap machines include L-bar sealers, intermittent motion side sealers, continuous motion side sealers and vertical wrappers, as well as shrink tunnels.


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  • Versatile industry applications: food packaging (see Pizza Shrink Wrapper video here), eCommerce fulfillment, industrial manufacturing and more.
  • Flexible to fit your operations with options for infeeds, conveyors, dividing, combining, screw feeding, label positioning.
  • Improved Productivity with automatic film splicing at speeds of up to 200 feet/minute with no interruption of the wrapping process.
  • Consistent and reliable seal quality so product remains contained throughout the distribution process.
  • Be confident in your choice with industry leading “Built Better/Backed Better” limited warranty.

Featured Shrink Wrap Machines


Shrink Wrappers for E-Commerce

Produces ready-to-ship custom sized mail packages, integrates a labeler and shipping software. Delivers savings from lower dimensional weight, reduced shipping cost and labour.


Vertical Seal Shrink Wrappers

With Texwrap 914BVS, wrap your bottles, cans, and jars upright with no side seam. Precise registration of printed film can eliminate printed trays or boots. Perfect for contract packers.


Side Seal Shrink Wrappers

Texwrap 1607SS is affordable and optimized for up to 65 packages per minute. The center-line design and advanced sealing technology provide greater flexibility and a competitive advantage.


Texwrap Versa Seal (TVS) Side Seal

Consumes less film and provides consistent seal quality across a range of film types and gauges with little adjustment or maintenance. Stand-alone TVS also available for retrofit applications.

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