Maximize profit with clamshells for retail packaging that enhances shelf impact, increases consumer satisfaction and supports sustainability initiatives.

With PLACON’s line of over 140 retail packaging products, clamshells are just one solution PACKPRO can help you solve. Find innovative ways to sell your product and inspire engagement with customers through time-proven and market-tested quality packages. PLACON’s hinged boxes with hang holes revolutionized packaging for fasteners and hardware.

Placon Plastic Clamshells

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  • With Placon clamshells you choose packaging and materials proudly made in the USA
  • Enjoy prompt deliveries and eliminate tooling costs with in-stock clamshell packaging options
  • Combine sustainability and performance with Recycled PET (rPET) that offers crystal clear clarity and high-quality strength
  • Benefit from PACKPRO’s expertise in custom inner packaging to block, brace, and best present your product within our stock line
  • Boost your brand impact with graphic cards

Featured Clamshells

Placon BlisterBox Clamshells


Reusable container perfect for small, single or multiple items. Increase shelf impact with pressure-sensitive wraparound label or graphic card. Minimum perimeter flange maximizes merchandising space and enhances labeling. Best for fishing supplies, hardware, fasteners, hobbies, crafts, office supplies and toys.

Placon GraphicBox Plastic Clamshells


Ideal solution for maximum shelf appeal. Enhance your brand presentation by adding your custom graphic insert card. Cavity is sized smaller than the package for impactful billboard graphics. Works well for fishing supplies, hardware, fasteners, hobbies, crafts, office supplies, toys and sporting goods.

Placon ThisBox Clamshells


Create extra value for your product by adding a printed insert card or folded insert in the cavity of ThisBox. Lid snap securely holds graphic card in place on 3 sides providing ample space to show and sell. Suited for dental kits, hobbies, crafts, medical test kits, stationery supplies and toys.

Placon CurvedBox Clamshells


Delivers remarkable eye-catching appeal with increased graphic card length due to the arc of the package. Stock package with a more custom look. Nests sleekly while hanging, to present more product in retail space. Ideal for cell phone accessories, toys, hardware, fasteners, hobbies and crafts.

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