Bagging Systems

You realize that an automated bagging system can improve your packaging productivity, but not sure what bagger is right for you. Our packaging specialists can help!

With bagging solutions from PACKPRO, you have the confidence of choosing industry-leading state-of-the-art bagging systems built in North America by the original inventor of the Autobag system. Whether it is a table-top bagger, semi-automatic floor model or fully-automatic bagging system, you can rely on it to boost your packaging productivity.


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  • Improve packaging productivity with industry-leading reliable bagging systems made in North America
  • Increase accuracy and consistency of bagging by integrating table-top or floor-model bagging system featuring small foot-print and high-performance engineering. Read how it helped this global security facility here. 
  • Pack bulky e-commerce orders with ease, thanks to advanced grip-and-hold technology and extra-wide opening
  • Ensure consistent high-speed bagging of your products for faster, more cost-effective delivery to your customers
  • Automate multiple packing steps in one continuous process, including order verification, integrated label printing, collating, inserting and sealing
  • Increase worker safety and productivity with easy-to-operate ergonomic bag sealing machines

Featured Bagging Systems


PS 125 OneStep™ Table-Top Baggers

Affordable way to speed up hand-load bagging. All-electric, user-friendly, multiple operating modes. Ideal for low- to mid-volume packing operations.


Ultra-Versatile Autobag® 550™ Baggers

Boost throughput and eliminate product queuing with the Next-Bag-Out printing feature.  Run up to 45 bags per minute. Easily integrate in-line for improved productivity.


Horizontal Wide Bagging Systems Autobag® 650H™

Horizontally configured wide bag packaging for efficient eCommerce fulfillment, inbound dust cover bagging, short-run production with frequent changeovers.


Autobag® 850S™ eCommerce Baggers

Designed to be flexible to handle single and multi-line orders. Adds capacity and increased productivity, while reducing the need for additional labour.


Inflatable Mailer System IM 5500™

Use up to 85% less packaging by weight vs. boxes, with this world’s first automated inflatable bubble mailer system. Pack up to 19 mailers per minute. Reduce material handling by up to 80%. Watch video here.


Food Application Bagging System SPrint Revolution™

Specifically engineered for fresh and frozen food bagging applications. High-speed, with a wide loading area of pre-opened bags for hand-load or automatic operations. Watch it in action.


High-Performance Bags

Autobag® bags feature exceptional bag material uniformity and integrity that exceed quality standards established by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA).


Sealed Air® Packaging Innovation Centre

See the packaging possibilities for your products come to life at the Sealed Air Packaging Innovation Centre. Let us help you re-imagine and optimize your fulfillment operations!

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