Stretch Film

Stretch film or pallet wrap has only one main purpose – unitizing products to ensure they move throughout the distribution channel in as-made condition.

The products you package were manufactured with utmost care and have to travel through rigours of distribution to your customers. Optimizing the application of pallet wrap increases containment (protection), packaging efficiency, capital equipment utilization, damage prevention and minimizes stretch film cost.

High Performance Stretch Wrap Film

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  • Superior containment for your pallets with high-performance stretch films engineered to stretch up to 300%
  • Ensure your pallets are intact after touching with the uncompromising cling promoting the adhesion of all film layers and no cling on the outside
  • Handle the most demanding hard-to-package loads with confidence thanks to the superior extrusion technology
  • Improve pallet wrapping quality and throughput, while reducing film in use by participating in Rite-Gauging Assessment, offered at no additional charge
  • Peace of mind knowing that the film you choose will meet or exceed your requirements with the opportunity to complete a full test in the state-of-the-art Package Assessment Lab by certified packaging engineers

Featured Stretch Film Products

One Side Cling Machine Stretch Film
Tough Co-Extruded Pallet Wrap Stretch Film
Clear Stretch Wrap Film for Industrial Machines
Robot S7 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Ultra-Performance One-Side Cling Machine Film

Anvil® is engineered to stretch up to 250%, maximizing the pre-stretch technology of high-speed wrapping equipment. Delivers excellent load containment, puncture resistance and cling with outstanding clarity.

Tough Co-Extruded Machine Film for Demanding Applications

Vortex film combines superior extrusion technology with metallocene resins to deliver exceptional unitization for hard-to-package loads, extraordinarily heavy pallets or extremely valuable products.

Most Advanced Lower Gauge Film

Evolve all-purpose film is a highly engineered, one-side cling cast super film. Multiple gauges available for various applications.

Stretch Wrappers

Increase packing efficiency and throughput by matching your pallet wrap with the right stretch wrapping machine. Maximize pre-stretch benefits, reduce film in use and wrapping cost per pallet.

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