Expert Maintenance Tips for Bagging Systems

Bagging machine maintenance can be surprisingly easy, when performed regularly. According to our field service technicians, the 4 steps below are critical to ensuring consistent reliable operation of your baggers. When performed regularly, they minimize the risk of unplanned downtime and extend the lifespan of your bagging systems.

Rubber Rollers

Cleaning all rubber rollers in your bagger with 99% alcohol is an easy way to ensure your bags run through the system centered without slipping.  From the front main drive roller, through the print and ribbon drive rollers, down to the unwind roller, all rubber rollers accumulate slip. When rubber rollers are cleaned on a regular basis, they perform their functions better.


Clean rubber rollers prevent bag slippage.

Nip Rollers

Remember the nip rollers!  Each rubber roller has a steel or aluminum roller pressure-loaded against it.  These accumulate slip and debris as well. Hence, they should be cleaned and polished with scouring pads.


Remember the nip rollers! They accumulate slip and debris as well.

Print Head

Each time you change the ribbon, power the system down and clean the print head with 99% alcohol.  This has the short-term benefit of making sure you have no voids in the print. Furthermore, it delivers the long-term benefit of keeping all pixels clear. This means crisper print and longer print head life!


Well-maintained print head means crisper print.


Advance your teflon!  Keeping the portion of teflon covering the hotwire clean will ensure clean seals and prevent the teflon from splitting.  If teflon splits, plastic can build up on the hotwire. As a result, the overall seal temperature needs to be raised. A higher seal temperature shortens the life of the heater bar! Therefore, keeping teflon clean has multiple benefits.


Clean teflon ensures clean seals.

In summary

Perform the above steps regularly to ensure extended life and reliable performance of your bagging systems. In addition, our customers find it beneficial to have one of PACKPRO’s field service engineers map out their bagging machine maintenance routine for their staff. Furthermore, our bagging equipment specialists will train your operators on proper usage for the best performance of your baggers.

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