Automated Food Bagging – Why You Should Make The Switch

As the need for sustainable packaging increases, plastic bagging for food products has had its fair share of misconceptions. However, it comes out on top as the superior food packaging option for its durability, safety and cost-efficiency. If you want to maximize these benefits, automated food bagging with an Autobag® Sprint SidePouch Food Bagger can ensure those results. This system is suitable for a wide variety of markets with high-productivity environments. Keep reading for how this bagging system can support your business needs.

Benefits of Automated Food Bagging


AutoTouch Screen with control software for simple control

Increased Throughput

    • Autotouch control software allows for easy control of all programming setup and customization
    • Fully adjustable processing speed, up to 900 inches per minute
    • System-matched SPrint SidePouch bags can be pre-printed in up to 10-colors with high-resolution graphics, text and bar codes
    • High-yield, boxed material and Autothread feature work together to simplify and speed changeovers for less interruption

Reduced Costs

    • SidePouch bags are pre-made and fan-folded, eliminating the need for costly machine add-ons
    • Ultraviolet sensor detects bag width for proper indexing, ensuring accuracy to cut down on packaging supply waste
    • The operations efficiency decreases labour needed, so you can deploy valuable employees elsewhere

Simplified Production Lines

    • Can be easily implemented into current production to accommodate a variety of loading methods, automatic infeeds and bag sizes.
    • Customizable by our team of field engineers to accommodate specific operation needs
    • The entire system is mounted on castor wheels for high mobility

Motion Seal Flattener for consistent, airtight bag sealing

Superior Safety Features

    • Motion Seal Flattener ensures high quality, airtight, 3/8″ bag seals for product safety
    • Optional support conveyor can be added under bags for heavier products
    • Printer can be installed with factory covers to give it an IP65 rating, making it safe for daily wash down procedures

Case Study

Need more convincing? Automated food bagging implemented many solutions for a national bakery that was operating their packaging by hand. They didn’t want to lose flexibility and quality in their production. Adding printing product and batch information directly onto the bag allowed them to offset the cost of resealable multi-packs, which keep product fresher longer and significantly reduce food waste. Overall, the system application increased throughput by 100% and cut labour requirements in half!


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