How to Reduce Cost of Stretch Film with Rite-Gauging

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Rite-Gauging® improves the overall package and reduces the per-pallet cost in 90% of Customer Rite-Gauging Assessments.

Does stretch film add value to your business?

Achieving dramatic annual savings is surprisingly possible through small changes in stretch wrap materials and the pallet wrapping process. However, it is not by choosing the least expensive stretch film. It’s through Stretch Film Rite-Gauging® and here is why.

Hands down, the most valuable item on a pallet ready for shipping is neither the film used to wrap it nor the pallet or the outer packaging, it is the product. And the value of the lost revenue, if the product is damaged in shipping and becomes unsaleable, by far outweighs the cost of stretch film used to wrap it. Stretch film is not a cost to your business! It adds value to your business by enabling the safe shipment of your valuable products to your customers.

The easier way to choose the correct stretch film

You will be pleased to know that there is a solution that makes the selection of the stretch film easier. Rite-Gauging® treats every application as a unique set of circumstances and variables. Just because the stretch film is involved, does not mean applications are universal!

Load containment experts from Sigma Stretch Film define Rite-Gauging® as a combination of the correct film, thickness, overlap, revolutions and force-to-load, that ensures appropriate containment force to the top, middle and bottom of the pallet.

You can be confident knowing that the Rite-Gauging® process sets the containment standard that is measurable, repeatable and cost-effective.

Benefits of Rite-Gauging ®

Stretch Film Rite-Gauging® improves the overall package and reduces the per-pallet cost of the film in 90% of Customer Rite-Gauging Assessments. Customers report the following results:

  • Reduced amount of film used
  • Better performance of the wrapping machines
  • Reduced stretch film roll changes
  • Increased productivity of the packaging line

Most importantly, you will deliver more goods undamaged, significantly reducing waste and improving your customer satisfaction. And the best part – we do the Assessment for you at no charge, including documented results. All you have to do is book it!

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