Preventative Maintenance Program

Optimize equipment performance and minimize downtime with PACKPRO’s Preventative Maintenance Program.

Once your entire system is installed and operating, it is important to take the time to maintain and care for your machinery before irreversible damage is done or orders are ceased. Our Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to increase the overall productivity of your packaging operation. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of regular maintenance and discover our featured maintenance solutions.

Packaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance

We customize to meet your unique requirements

All work is performed by PACKPRO’s expert Field Engineers. They work together with you to establish a program that best suits the needs of your equipment and operators. Our programs are completely flexible to cover routine maintenance, machine cleaning, system training and more. We know which parts break down the fastest, and we closely monitor those components before they reach a point of reduced efficiency.

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Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Prolonged lifespan of equipment
  • Reduced risk of unscheduled downtime
  • Maximized equipment efficiency
  • Increased throughput levels
  • Minimized need for costly emergency service calls
  • Compliance with best practice safety standards
  • Reduced material use and material waste

Why your machine may not be working?

  • Parts are worn down or haven’t been replaced in a while
  • Internal or external mechanisms are clogged with debris, dust, or excess film
  • Materials being used are not specifically made for your machine or required use
  • Malfunctioning of software

    What’s Included:

      • Regularly scheduled maintenance calls
      • Close inspection of packaging equipment under contract
      • Tightening of screws, nuts and bolts
      • Inspection of enclosed portions of the machinery
      • Inspection of electrical connectors
      • Adjustments of timers, valves, heating units and tensioners
      • Inspection of motors and drive systems
      • Replacement of badly worn or failing parts
      • Cleaning of guide belts, rollers, etc.
      • Complete lubrication at all critical locations of the machinery
      • Machinery testing to ensure it is performing as designed
      • System training for machine operators and maintenance personnel
      • Other equipment-specific examination and tune-up

Featured Preventative Maintenance Tips

automated bagging preventative maintenance tips
Bagging Maintenance

Bagging systems are easier to upkeep, but require regular cleaning and sterilizing of frequently used parts. Rollers, print heads, and teflon should all be assessed to ensure they are free of debris and dust. Learn more.

Case Former Preventative Maintenance Tips
Case Former Maintenance

Lubrication of forming heads, injector assembly, and discharge pushers are critical to keep wear to a minimum. Thorough cleaning of the system is also critical, as accumulated cardboard dust can cause premature wear.

Shrink Overwrapper Preventative Maintenance Tips
Shrink Overwrapper Maintenance

Shrink overwrappers require full control of the tray and film systems. Cleaning of vacuum nozzle, belts, infeed sensor, and seal heads is a good place to start. Failing to take these precautions will amount to erratic and inconsistent behaviour of the machine.

New Robot S7
Stretch Wrapper Maintenance

Most stretch wrapper drive systems consist of chains and/or belts. These parts need to be properly lubricated and checked for any fraying. It is also important to look for film build-up around rotating mechanisms that can prevent rotation from occurring. Learn more.

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