Accuracy of Bagging Machine Prevents Expensive Legal Fines

When a packaging error means thousands of dollars in fines

Bagging machines were the right solution for this global company, that offers security technologies and provides products and solutions for the safeguarding of payment processes, identities, and data. Here is why.

The customer’s Canadian facility processes hundreds of highly sensitive personal documents daily. Moreover, these documents must be made and shipped in under 24 hours. In case of a mistake the company is faced with costly fines. As a result, they were looking for a solution to improve packaging accuracy and minimize the risk of errors to prevent loss of thousands of dollars in fines.


Table-top baggers improve accuracy, speed and efficiency of fulfillment operations.

How bagging machines increase accuracy and efficiency

PACKPRO packaging specialists evaluated the volume of operations, tight security requirements and multiple packaging options. Our team developed a system of several table-top baggers with integrated imprinters. These bagging machines efficiently bag and seal your products, bringing versatility and efficiency to production environment. High-resolution graphics, text and bar codes are printed directly on the bag, eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation. Plus, these quiet all-electric machines do not require compressed air to run.

In addition to selecting equipment, our team worked closely with the customer to fine-tune the packaging process for maximum accuracy. We implemented a 2-step verification process through bar codes printed directly on bags and envelopes. This boosted the reliability and speed of verification for each package. Moreover, the customer required seamless integration of the labeling process with the major courier companies. The new process delivered that.

PACKPRO team oversaw the installation of the new equipment and staff training. Once the new process was implemented, the customer reported the increase of 100% in the number of envelopes packed per minute. Furthermore, the visual and audio signals from the machines keep staff informed of the accuracy of labeling and packaging at all times, thus minimizing the risk of costly error.

Unexpected benefits of bagging machines

Bagging equipment drastically increases efficiency and accuracy of your packaging operations. When done right and backed by the technical expertise of the PACKPRO packaging specialists, it makes a positive long-lasting impact on the productivity and profitability of your business. Whether or not you are using bags today, we would like to help you assess how bagging can advance your business.

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