Alternative to Packaging Equipment Emergency Repairs

True cost of packaging equipment downtime

Lack of packaging equipment maintenance results in frequent interruptions in the packaging process, poorly packaged loads, and shorter life of your packaging equipment, calling for sooner capital expenses to replace it.

Unplanned packaging equipment downtime due to machine failure or breakdown can wreak havoc, causing missed shipments and loss of customer trust; thousands of dollars of lost revenue; and amplified stress on the equipment and people operating the machinery. Besides that, it costs approximately 50% more to repair a failed asset than if the problem had been addressed prior to failure (Source: Emerson Process Management).

Having a trusted packaging equipment repair provider can certainly give you peace of mind, knowing that they will do their best to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible. However, top-performing organizations are adopting a proactive approach, implementing preventive maintenance programs for their packaging lines.

Benefits of packaging equipment preventive maintenance

Higher reliability of your packaging machines is attainable through a preventive maintenance program. It works best when it is adapted to your unique requirements. Not every packaging machine requires exact same maintenance plan and amount of time a technician will spend servicing it. Being able to detect and fix minor issues before they become major problems is key to saving time and money.

With Preventive Maintenance Program from PACKPRO, you can be confident to gain the following benefits:

  1. Operator training, ensuring your staff knows how to operate the machines and how to maintain them
  2. Direct access to engineering technicians for quick troubleshooting
  3. Minimized downtime
  4. Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  5. Proactive identification of potential breakdown risks
  6. Increased reliability of your packaging operations
  7. Improved operator safety and productivity
  8. Prolonged life of your packaging equipment

Putting it all together

Packaging equipment downtime due to a breakdown means lost revenue for your business. But it does not have to be something you deal with regularly. By implementing a Preventive Maintenance Program for your packaging line, you can reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while increasing the reliability of your packaging operations. And the best part – you can rely on PACKPRO Engineering Team to help put together the maintenance program for you!


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