Produce Trays and Packaging: Sustainable Alternatives to Foam Trays

Alternative produce foam tray option


Over the past few years, alternative materials to traditional polystyrene trays, otherwise known as foam trays, have been tested and adapted to meet sustainable consumer demands and food retailer requirements. With our 25+ years of experience in food packaging, deep industry expertise, and strong relations with leading innovative manufacturers, PACKPRO brings the right solutions to your produce trays and packaging. We partner with world-class packaging brands to provide you with certified compostable, recyclable food-grade trays, proudly made in North America.

Food retailers adopting solutions to meet consumer expectations

Many productions and large retailers have already made the switch from traditional plastic trays and foam trays. Extensive laboratory testing and product development have shown these trays provide identical barrier and shelf-life properties for as long as packaging with a polystyrene tray. They also maintain the same rigidity in a refrigerated environment.


Sustainable food tray options

100% Recycled Clear Rolled Edge PET Tray

The first fully recyclable PET tray with rolled edge technology, made from 100% recycled content. Due to their rolled edge design, they are perfectly suited for any stretch film overwrap application. Designed to work efficiently on your existing packaging equipment operating at high speed. These rolled edge trays are made with clear material to ensure your product is entirely on display.


Cascades RPET Trays Clear for Produce

  • Reduced environmental footprint – manufacturing these trays has a 69% smaller impact on climate change than making trays from virgin PET only
  • Optimized Operations – this recycled PET tray is designed to integrate seamlessly into your high-speed packaging equipment.
  • Innovative Design – carefully designed to maximize stiffness, thereby minimizing the risk of warping. Their design prevents film tear, thus reducing rewrapping and potential product losses
  • Guaranteed Compliance – made from material compliant with FDA and Health Canada requirements. Made in an SQF – certified facility that meets the highest standards of the food industry
  • How2Recycle® has prequalified this tray as widely recyclable in Canada

Most suitable for:

  • Carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans

100% Recycled Cardboard Trays

The first thermoformed pulp tray for fresh fruits and vegetables made from 100% recycled fibres. This appealing and rustic-looking tray, made BPA and PFAS free, will effectively preserve and display your product. This produce pulp tray has won several recognitions including the CTAQ’s Food Innovation Award; Grand Prix Dux Award; GAÏA Awards – Fruits and Vegetables category.


  • Made with materials compliant with FDA and Health Canada requirements.
  • Reduced environmental footprint – The production of these trays reduces water usage by 58%, greenhouse gas emissions by 81%, and energy consumption by 41%, compared to the production of cardboard trays made from pulp molded virgin fibres.
  • SurfSHIELD Plus coating – This coating meets the specific needs of the fruits and vegetables market, as it enables the cardboard to withstand moisture while remaining recyclable
  • How2Recycle® has prequalified this tray as widely recyclable in Canada if clean and dry.
  • Optimized operations- Made to be compatible with automated denesting equipment
  • Innovative design – The trays stiffness is designed to enhance its stacking strength and speed up the filling process to optimize transportation and storage
  • Customizable models – Customizable sized cardboard trays that can be made-to-order with the same patented water-based coating.

Most suitable for:

  • Carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans


Additional produce trays and packaging options

We have featured our two most popular and versatile sustainable trays. However, we also offer packaging solutions for larger produce items or different shipping options. Please reach out to our packaging specialists to match you with the perfect supplies for any stage of your production line:

  • Produce Baskets
  • Produce Trays
  • Vegetable Boxes
  • Bulk Bins

Why buy sustainable produce trays and packaging from PACKPRO?

On top of locally sourced trays for your produce, PACKPRO complements your materials with full-system equipment and service. Choose from a variety of manual, semi-automated or automated packaging equipment or custom engineering solutions for your produce production line. Explore our tray overwrapping machines or safety-compliant food films.




Contact us today for solutions for your fresh fruits and vegetables

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