Packaging Equipment Assessment Delivers Remarkable Savings

Top 4 Benefits of packaging equipment assessment by PACKPRO

Why is a packaging equipment assessment worth it

This internationally known producer of milk and dairy products turned to PACKPRO for assistance with their existing pallet wrapping equipment. With PACKPRO’s experienced team of highly skilled technicians, the customer felt confident we would be able to help. After the emergency repairs were successfully completed, we recommended a complete assessment of the customer’s packaging equipment. An assessment provides customers with a report on the true condition of their packaging machinery, reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and enables pro-active scheduling of required maintenance. Most importantly, it lays the foundation for consistent, uninterrupted packaging operations with maximized productivity.

What to expect during equipment assessment

Our packaging assessment includes a detailed inspection of every machine and its components. This covers bagging systems, stretch wrappers and palletizers, carton erectors and carton sealing machines, conveyors, shrink wrappers and tray sealing systems as well as water-activated tape dispensers and other types of packaging equipment. In addition to that, PACKPRO’s packaging equipment specialists review the entire packaging process to determine what fine-tuning may be required on a particular machine, to help increase throughput and efficiency.

During the packaging equipment assessment with the dairy producer, it became clear that the film used to wrap the pallets was not the right match for their existing equipment and the type of their loads.

A packaging equipment assessment also helped identify some weak points of the older conveyors delivering pallets to the stretch wrapping equipment.

As part of the equipment assessment, PACKPRO’s packaging specialists suggested completing the right-gauging assessment as well. The objective was to determine the right gauge of the stretch film that would deliver the right amount of containment force with the optimal amount of film and revolutions.

Measurable outcomes of the packaging equipment assessment

PACKPRO’s team worked side by side with the customer to implement the improvements identified during the assessment. Hands-on training conducted by PACKPRO was key to making the transition to the new high-performance stretch film smooth and efficient. The customer signed up for the regular maintenance program to ensure their equipment is regularly serviced.

In the first 12 months of the new pallet wrapping program, the customer realized 50% in dollar savings and significantly reduced film in use, minimizing environmental impact. At the same time, the operations team reported improved productivity and consistency of pallet wrapping. The customer attributes these improvements to their decision to take advantage of PACKPRO’s equipment assessment.


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