Pallet Wrapping Equipment Leader Recognizes PACKPRO with an Award

We are honoured to have recently received a DIAMOND CLUB AWARD from ROBOPAC USA, the world’s largest secondary packaging equipment company and pallet wrapping technology leader.

“To be recognized among select distributors in North America with the highest number of installations of the semi-automatic pallet wrapping systems is a special honour. More importantly, this award is the recognition of our expert support the customers can rely on during the evaluation, selection, trial, installation and operation of their stretch wrapping systems”, points out Tim Messner, President of PACKPRO Systems Inc.

Pre-Delivery Inspection of Robopac Pallet Wrappers Competed by the PACKPRO Engineering Group

Whether it is turntable wrappers, rotary arms, self-propelled mobile wrappers or fully automatic pallet wrapping equipment, PACKPRO packaging equipment specialists will work along with your team to ensure your packaging productivity objectives are met or exceeded. By choosing the advanced technology developed by Robopac, a pallet wrapping equipment leader, you can achieve superior product protection in transit and improving efficiency.

But it does not stop there. You can realize 30-50% of materials savings in the stretch film when you invite PACKPRO to complete the Rite-Gauging® program and establish optimal wrapping recipes. Add to that the local technical support for equipment maintenance, and you can benefit from PACKPRO’s signature Full-System approach, boosting your packaging operations performance.

“The purpose of ROBOPAC USA’s Program was to recognize our most loyal distributor leaders, who provide their customers with the world’s most technologically advanced secondary packaging equipment. We value our business relationship with PACKPRO, our Tier 1 Certified Distributor, and are thrilled to announce PACKPRO a member of ROBOPAC’s DIAMOND CLUB”, comments Nick Szczechowski, Regional Sales Manager with ROBOPAC USA.

Some of the most prominent wrapping technology innovations ROBOPAC USA has brought to the marketplace include CUBE™ Technology, reducing product damage by 40% and film costs by 30-50%; RConnect® Remote Connectivity Solution; Self-Propelled Pallet Wrapping Machine; Laser-Guided Vehicles and More.

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